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Here's Just A Fraction Of What You'll Learn:
  • ​An easily implementable tool that helps you SAY GOODBYE to your negative thinking. Page 69
  • ​The 6-step process for putting the Law of Deliberate Creation into motion so that you can apply it for yourself, rather than just hearing how well it turned out for other people. Page 11 and12
  • ​How to easily know when you’re in a state of allowing, so that all the good things can come. Page 17
  • ​How using The Law Of Allowing helps you get out of your own way in life. Page 18
  • ​Why it’s CRITICAL you let go of what others think about you. Page 19
  • ​How I was able to harness the flow of divine energy in my creative work and access the gift from spirit to create beautiful art]. Page 29 and 30
  • ​How I let go of feeling like a victim in my own life and how you can choose not to be a victim. Page 36
  • ​The delicious possibility that by letting go of what is ‘perfect,’ you’ll find something infinitely more meaningful. Page 37
  • ​Why being really clear about what you DON’T WANT can be a powerful next step to what you DO WANT and what the very next step is. Page 42
  • ​This and so much more!
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