Are You Ready To Experience A Heart Opening And Transformational Weekend?
October 25th, 26th & 27th, 2019
The Perfect Setting for Powerful Transformation
Join me for a weekend of healing, transformation, spiritual awakening, and personal growth. You'll be guided on a journey that uncovers hidden emotions and thought patterns that get in the way of living a happy and balanced life.
As women we sometimes struggle with our own self-love and self-care. It's so easy for us to give to others first and we forget to fill our own tanks. But intuitively, we know we need attention too - and that's what this weekend is all about. It’s a chance to connect with yourself and others on a deep emotional level and dive deeper into your heart. You’ll let go of old patterns, fears and conditioning and allow your inner lightness to shine through.

It's a time and place for you to heal, grow, learn, laugh, have fun, and make new lasting friendships.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, nestled in the coziest atmosphere, nourished by organic healthy foods, you'll expand your heart and ignite your love for life.

You know the story of how the snake sheds its skin? During the shedding process, the snake is visibly uncomfortable and unproductive. It doesn’t eat, it is irritated and sluggish and devotes all of its energy to this one task of ridding the old to make room for the new.

Just like the snake, to grow larger in this life, feel more capable and evolve into the woman you want to be, it's necessary to do the inner work that sometimes feels uncomfortable or irritating. You will be in the perfect spot, feeling supported and unconditionally loved as you're gently guided to shed your own skin and leave feeling fresh, renewed and excited for life.

This retreat will help you explore and reconnect with your authentic self.

Remember, the snake sheds its skin only after the new skin has already grown beneath it. That's exactly what you'll be doing here - you'll be shedding your old identity as the new glorious YOU bursts forth!
Attend One Of My "Living Well Life Coaching Transformational Retreat" Retreats!
Join Me On a "Living Well Life Coaching Transformational Retreat" Retreat
This weekend retreat will focus letting go of your old stories and identities and stepping forward into a glorious new you!

  •  Join your fellow sisters in a ladies only retreat dedicated to nurturing awakening and expanding your dreams and desires.
  •  Meditation, movement, sound healing and shamanic healing are part of this special weekend.
  •  Healthy, organic food will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  •  Investment: $1,895/person (Early Bird sign up of $1,695 if registered by July 25th, 2019)
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What My Clients Are Saying...
"Jeanne is result-oriented and in turn keeps me on track to reach my highest potential. She listens and is supportive and takes a personal interest in my growth life desires and together we have clarified what I really want our of a successful business and life.” - Deni C.
“I refer to Jeanne frequently as an angel here on earth doing exactly what she was called to do; which is to help others see and strive to their greatness. She is empowering, loving yet firm, accepting and will guide you along the path of becoming your very best.” - Kristina B.
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