FREE CLASS: Boost Your Awareness & Manifest Abundance Into Your Life
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We spend hours every day maintaining our outer self and appearance... but almost no time nurturing our inner selves! Balance the scale with this special Awareness & Abundance webinar for finding true inner peace and happiness.
FREE Training:
How To Boost Your Awareness & Manifest Abundance Into Your Life
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: How To Harness Your Emotions

I’ll teach you about the vibrational scale and how you can use it to manifest positive emotions into your life (and eliminate downward spirals!).
Secret #2: How To Increase Your Awareness & Gratitude
Through worksheets and inner-self exercises, you’ll learn how to recognize your inner emotions and make gratitude a key component of your life. 
Secret #3: How To Reap The Amazing Benefits Of Meditation
Meditation is the #1 way to increase your awareness! I’ll walk you through an entire guided session and share an easy way to boost the effects of meditation immensely.
Jeanne Provost
Life Coach & Hypnotherapist
About The Speaker:
Jeanne Provost: is a life coach and hypnotherapist from Wilsonville, Oregon. After a long, successful career in design, Jeanne suffered several hardships that inspired her to return to school. She published her first book and now enjoys helping others let go of the past and create a beautiful life for themselves.

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